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  1. Interior riders
    Hey all let's get some rides going, we have the best weather and the best roads! I'm in Kamloops
  2. General Sportbike Chat
    Some unlucky driver T-Boned a minivan this morning at the intersection of Summit Drive and McGill? Not sure of the details or if the driver survived. I was not able to find any details online. Coworkers mentioned that the driver appeared to have been cut-off by the van. Motorcycle rider slammed...
  3. WTB (Want to buy)
    Looking for size L/XL black or silver full gauntlet leather gloves with knuckle protection. Something equivalent to a Teknic Lightning would be ideal:
  4. Interior riders
    hey just got my first bike and looking for people to ride with, as i dont know too many people with bikes. ive got a 05 cbr 600rr. im usaually out everyday after 4 and on weekends. pm me if u want to know more
1-4 of 4 Results