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  1. Events
    Then next show and shine is set for Sunday August 21st! The previous show had 125 bikes and 200+ people attend with over $5000 in prize giveways! This year we will blow that number out of the water and have 300+ bikes. The event is FREE to attend for everyone. Also if you bring a bike you get a...
  2. Interior riders
    Hey all let's get some rides going, we have the best weather and the best roads! I'm in Kamloops
  3. Interior riders
    Hey, just moved to kelowna and have no one to ride with. Any bikers out their wanna go riding this summer. I'm trying to find good twisty roads around here and could use some local advice on where to go. let me know!
  4. Accessories / Parts
    SOLD THX 2 Piece Alpinestars Leather Suit Blue (zips together to form one piece) . Thanks for looking, Tyler
  5. New Riders Q & A
    I am finally doing my first longer trip on my bike (Ninja 250) from Vancouver to Kelowna this July. Is there any advice for preparation I should do for my 4 hour~ drive? Also any advice about the road/route? Thanks :D -Pahoogawoo
  6. I'm going for a ride, you comin'?
    Going up sometime friday (sometime around noon) August 21. Wouldn't mind the Company, leaving Vancouver and going to Vernon with a possible stop in Kelowna. Then on Sunday i'll be heading down from Vernon and coming back to Vancouver. PM for more details if interested. -Teddy
1-7 of 7 Results