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  1. General Sportbike Chat
    To all who are mechanically inclined and experienced: I'm in the middle of a valve adjustment for my 2014 ZX-6R. TLDR: Where do you guys buy your shims for a reasonable price (not 15$ per shim)? Other than Hotcams... as I don't want to buy subpar quality. I've just measured my current shims...
  2. General Sportbike Chat
    Here's my horror story, bear with me: Last May I pulled a full-retard. I forgot to check my oil on my DRZ400SM for too long, ran low, and burned up my cylinder head cam seat. I took this as a learning opportunity and built my first bike stand and dismantled the entire bike on my own to pull out...
  3. Bike Tech & Mods
    Does anyone know a mechanic located in Abbotsford that does house calls ? Thanks, Bob :laughing
  4. General Sportbike Chat
    Ted at Imperial has just hired Alfi, one of the Duc mechanics from RMS. Nice to have an alternative to JV again.
  5. General Sportbike Chat
    Hi everyone, I am a novice rider and lucked out to pick up a used Ducati Monster 695 2007 model for a cheap price... THEN last summer i wrecked it while riding in VancouverIsland and due to time constraints with work schedules and financial issues I didn't get a chance to take it to the shop...
1-5 of 6 Results