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  1. 07-08 Yamaha R1 Stock / Aftermarket Parts - All like new or New!

    Accessories / Parts
    OEM Exhaust - Complete Header, Cat, Canisters, Covers - As New - SOLD OEM Levers - Clutch and Brake - New - $40 Pair OEM Seats - Red Canadian Edition - New - $50 Set OEM Steering Damper - New - $40 CRG Blindsight Bar End Mirrors - As New - $80 Pair Greggs Bar End Mirror Adapters - $20 Pair...
  2. Rizoma Circuit 959 Silver Mirrors

    Accessories / Parts
    $125 for both sides. Currently on my Z1000 2010 http://www.pjsparts.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=265&products_id=2665
  3. Problems with sightlines--gauges and rear view

    New Riders Q & A
    I just picked up an '05 Kawasaki ZX6R 636. It's my first bike, so I have a couple of questions that have arisen in my first couple of weeks riding. 1. Am I supposed to be able to see my gauges while in a normal street riding position? The windscreen blocks the gauges, such that I can only see...
  4. Smoked screens, signals, sliders, mirrors - Cheap

    Accessories / Parts
    I have a bunch of new and used parts for sale. Did a Group buy on windscreens, sliders and lights and have some left. Cleaning out the garage so its gotta go, so I can flex a bit on multiple items.:surrender Smoked Windscreens: They are Double Bubble shape and are dark smoked in color - $45...