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  1. Handlebars 7/8" Moose Racing 0601-1738 AL 7/8 CR LO SI - $85

    Accessories / Parts
    7/8" Moose Racing Competition Handlebar 0601-1738 AL 7/8 CR LO SI (Silver) CONDITION: Brand new, un-used, in box REASON FOR SELLING: Not exactly what I thought they would look like and I was too late in trying to return them. INCLUDES: Racing Pad (not pictured) MANUFACTURER: Moose Racing...
  2. Cell Phone Charging Add-Ons for the Motorcycle

    General Sportbike Chat
    Anyone installed and had success/failures installing a charging station add-on for their motorcycle (predominantly to charge a cell phone) who can share comments/wisdom on the subject? Been on Ebay, Amazon, DealXtreme, etc., seen lots, but can't tell which is crap and which is worth the money...
  3. Paint-jobs gone WILD! Need help fixing Tank paint!

    Bike Tech & Mods
    Don't you hate it when you spend the better part of a week sanding and painting, placing coat after coat, finding the perfect place to put your decals... then you're finally on the clear coat..... AND A HAIR FALLS ON IT! So I had a hair on my top coat, that turned to a smudge when i touched it...
  4. FS: Bulldog 2way Motorcycle Alarm LCD Remote (Abbotsford) +freebie

    Accessories / Parts
    Sold my bike last year, just clearing out some stuff I didn't get a chance to install. Bulldog 2 way LCD remote motorcycle alarm. LCD Remote (2 way) 1000foot range silent arming motorcycle locating with light and sound shock sensor ignition trigger trigger memory auto rearming Asking $120 OBO...
  5. Help patching up some bodywork - FRONT FAIRING (2000 GSXR-600)

    Bike Tech & Mods
    Hey guys. My original fairings were showing a lot of age so I took the plunge on some of the chinese made after market fairings. They are dirt cheap it was like 250 for the full set. However, WARNING, they are made like crap. The two main issues are: 1. the fitting is less than ideal, you have...
  6. Anyone have Motorcycle-Superstore 20 off 150 coupon code?

    General Sportbike Chat
    Hi guys, as the title says I'm looking to put in an order for some gear. Does anyone have a 20 off 150 coupon code (usually on the back of the catalogue they send with your order) for motorcycle superstore? If you won't be needing it, could you please pm me the code. I'd be very grateful...
  7. a simple overview of motorcycle insurance in bc

    General Sportbike Chat
    Hey guys, hope everyone is having a good year so far. I am an insurance broker in cloverdale, and i find that a lot of customers are surprised when they find out that they have the option of getting private insurance for their bike. They are even more surprised when they find out how much the...
  8. Good price for 2002 Suzuki GSX-R600?

    New Riders Q & A
    Hi, I am looking into buying a used suzuki GSXR-600 2002 model off an ad from craigslist. The bike's frame seems to be in good condition it has never been i nan accident. It has frame sliders so if it was dropped it should be protected although u can see scrapes on the protectors. The tires are...
  9. 2000 kawasaki zx7r

    750cc titanium hindle pipes and exhaust really fuckin fast almost 59k some road rash on the right fairing new fuel pump, battery, tires small hole in seat green in colour located in oliver, BC post more pics when i get home i'm asking 3000
  10. 6th annual KGB show (Kootenay Gut Buster)

    The Kootenay Gut Buster is back!! Now in its 6th year and in a great new location in Crawford Bay BC. Western Canada's only 2 day, outdoor comedy concert in the pristine Kootenay area of BC. Great roads to ride, fantastic local attractions and 2 nights of comedy with some of the same acts you...
  11. SBK miller Motorsports tickets world superbike

    Accessories / Parts
    I have 2 weekend passed to the world superbike round at miller motorsports. I won the tickets at the daytona party but I can't go. $60 for the pair
  12. 2011 Vancouver International Motorcycle Show

    First off, hello! I am new to the forum and to the sport bike scene. I purchased a 2008 YZF-R6 last week and am patiently waiting for the snow to melt. Schultz Motorsports and Kamloops Harley Davison are putting together a bus to come down to the Vancouver Motorcycle Show in January . This...
  13. Motorcycle Ranch petition

    DirtBike / Dualsport Chat
    Please sign the petition to save my mom and stepdad's Motorcycle Ranch. Feel free to pass this link on to anyone that you think might be interested in signing. http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/save-the-popkum-motorcyle-ranch.html Thanks in advance! Here is the information about the...
  14. Wrecked Sport Bike for Trike

    WTB (Want to buy)
    Engine/transmission/electronics and rear portion of bike must be intact. Low mileage preferred. Must be in running condition. Call in Vancouver 604 562 1564.