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  1. General Sportbike Chat
    I finally got in to do my MST here in Kelowna after been waiting for over a month and all went well :thumbup After she had told me i passed and she handed me my paper and told me i only have one restriction until i do the road test which is no passenger. I was a little confused and asked her...
  2. I'm going for a ride, you comin'?
    hey guys i was wondering if anyone here can help me out in regards to the mst skills test? i have my own bike (cbr125r) and need someone with a class 6 who is 19+ to take me there. I have passed this test before but my license expired so had to start all over again. If anyone can come by in...
  3. New Riders Q & A
    Hey, so i am about to go out and try to do my mst on a hayabusa since its the only bike i have :S My brother has done his mst (not on a busa, he got a bike of a friend) he told me it would be quite difficult on a busa so i was wondering what everyone else thought... Thanks ;) Also as a side...
1-3 of 3 Results