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  1. New Riders Q & A
    Hi guys, Just want to say hello to the BCSB community and introduce myself. I had no riding experience at all (with a motor), so I did the sensible thing, and went through proper training with a riding school. Passed my Class 6 almost 4 weeks ago now, and have been riding almost daily since...
  2. General Sportbike Chat
    Any other noobs in the valley interested in linking up to swap info and gear and go riding send me a message and we can swap info
  3. Racing / Track
    Pori Pilot Hill, was celebrated last Saturday, 08.01.2011 enduro driving events that connect TM test day. http://satakuntaenduro.com http://vm.kuvat.fi/kuvat/Luotsinm E4ki%% 20videoita/sec-liikennevalistus.wmv Such a route, we drove...
  4. New Riders Q & A
    I did my course at BC Safety Council and then rode a 50 cc scooter and a few other friends bikes before I went on the annual BMW ladies ride held in Delta and tried out a few BMW's. I fell in love with the F650GS and I got a new BMW F650GS from Pacific Yamaha BMW in Richmond. I was a bit...
1-4 of 4 Results