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  1. Yamaha WR450 - Newbie Supermoto Questions

    Supermoto Chat
    Hey All, Same question's as usual.. sorry if it's a repost. I looked around and there is information out there but it all seems dated and I'm not sure if the rules have changed. 1. Can a Yamaha WR450 be made street legal in BC? 2. Where can I find out what needs to be done to be made street...
  2. new rider, SV650S

    New Riders Q & A
    Hi guys, Just want to say hello to the BCSB community and introduce myself. I had no riding experience at all (with a motor), so I did the sensible thing, and went through proper training with a riding school. Passed my Class 6 almost 4 weeks ago now, and have been riding almost daily since...
  3. SMX-5 - Waterproof or not?

    Rider's Gear
    First, allow let me just say this is my first post. There is quite a wealth of information here. Even though I am a Harley Guy(tm) <gasp>, I am definitely not the stereotypical personification most of you may associate with Harleys. One of the things I do differently than a lot of the people...
  4. newbie ride - april 26

    I'm going for a ride, you comin'?
    I just got a CBR 600 during November last year and still have not had a chance to go riding farther than just around my area. On april 26th i will be getting a days worth of insurance for my bike and just be riding all day with a guy from my work. Not really sure of the route but your welcome...