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  1. Bike Tech & Mods
    Hi, I’m doing some repair and maintenance on the body panels and hard case covers for my BMW 2003 K1200GT. Does anyone know of a source for the dark blue metallic paint used on this series and year of bike? BMW is very thorough, so I can probably find a paint code if necessary. Also, I may need...
  2. Bike Tech & Mods
    Don't you hate it when you spend the better part of a week sanding and painting, placing coat after coat, finding the perfect place to put your decals... then you're finally on the clear coat..... AND A HAIR FALLS ON IT! So I had a hair on my top coat, that turned to a smudge when i touched it...
  3. WTB (Want to buy)
    Looking for a 2002 CBR600 F4I front Right Lower Fairing. Any Ideas on where to buy quality used parts? Also I may be looking to get my ride painted in the near future, any Recommendations? Thanks!
  4. General Sportbike Chat
    Just heard about this plasti-dip brand where you can't paint anything and rip it off if you don't want it anymore. Anybody here use this? Plasti-Dip? Kind of interesting... Maybe paint an undertail or something? How about paint the whole bike? From my search I've seen plasti-dip commonly...
  5. Accessories / Parts
    Ran into a young fella on the ferry last week. He was talking about this... http://www.bikeskinz.com/
1-5 of 6 Results