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  1. Parking downtown - multiple bikes in one space and pay by phone (warning)

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    TL;DR: If you're doubling up in a parking spot, plug cash in the meter! Do not assume one bike's pay-by-phone will pay for both bikes! It doesn't!! I'm not a fan of the park-between-two-spaces technique, I figure you are asking to get tickted, towed, or knocked over by some moron in car that...
  2. Curb Ninja Parking App now in Vancouver

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    App that finds #motorcycle and #scooter #parking is now live in Vancouver! Get it today https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/curbninja-motorbike-parking/id815639882 @curbninja
  3. Parking again...

    General Sportbike Chat
    The Vancouver Sun writes this morning that Vancouver City officials are contemplating towing the motor vehicles of "chronic offenders" of street parking... whether fines paym ents are current or not. "Chronic Offender" being defined by the spokesperson as having received five tickets in two...
  4. Motorcycle Parking in Vancouver and Muni Elections

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    The muni elections are roughly 4 weeks from now. If you live in Vancouver (or even if you don't), please remember to bring the issue of motorcycle parking up with your council hopefuls. Everybody knows by now that it's VISION Vancouver's objective to eventually ban anything with a tailpipe...
  5. Toronto considers removing free parking for Motorcycles

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  6. MCPARKING in Vancouver

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    I hope everybody enjoys a great summer long weekend. Ensuring motorcycles have a place on our roads is an ongoing challenge that requires all the support we can muster. You can help by mentioning our cause to all of your friends (riders and otherwise). Not only is motorcycling a great sport and...
  7. MCPARKING Rally Saturday May 5th 7:45 am in Vancouver

    Calling ALL riders! We need you there for the 2012 Vancouver Scooter / Motorcycle Parking Rally Saturday May 5th, 7:45 am just east of the Vancouver Aquatic Center at 1050 Beach Ave. From there we will ride to a destination downtown and occupy single vehicle parking spaces until 11am. The...
  8. 2012 Vancouver Scooter / Motorcycle Parking Rally

    General Sportbike Chat
    http://www.mcparking.ca/Rally_Details.html HELP VANCOUVER BECOME MOTORIZED-CYCLE FRIENDLY! In 2010, riders told Vancouver City Council that there was not enough motorized cycle parking in Vancouver. Now we have some parking but it needs to be priced fairly, competitively…. and we need MORE...
  9. Designated MC Parking

    General Sportbike Chat
    Lately Ive noticed new (free) designated MC parking spots on the westside of Vancouver. Is there a master list or map of such? It would be cool if someone could make a google map of those suckers. Cheers.
  10. New Rider - Parking In Bicycle Stalls Question

    New Riders Q & A
    So I've been riding for about a month now and getting use to the parking situations around Vancouver (reading from previous articles) and how one bike may share a spot with a car etc. etc. I haven't seen this post yet as it may be due to recent changes in roads for bicycles. What I have come to...
  11. Parking tickets change to adjudicator’s office.

    Open forum
    Starting Monday, people who want to fight their parking ticket in Vancouver will no longer get their day in court. Instead, those wishing to dispute their parking fine, or other bylaw tickets, will have their case heard by an independent adjudicator appointed by the city. The move, which...
  12. Underground Parking

    New Riders Q & A
    Wasnt sure where to post this, so admins, feel free to move. So I was asked by my sis to house/apartment sit for her while she goes on vacation. I decide instead of bringing my car to her place, just to ride since I'll be able to use her car while im watching her apartment. I go thru the...