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  1. Events
    We've booked the following days for 2014: May 17th June 28th July 6th August 3rd September 20th The purpose of Pitt Meadows Track Days is to provide a safe and dedicated area with a fun course where you can learn precise throttle control, smooth acceleration shifting, hard braking, and...
  2. Women's Forum
    Hello ladies! I want to introduce myself. I've been on BCSB since 2002 and have been sponsoring the Pitt Meadows Days since 2009. I am female and have always supported safety in any riders that I have ridden with. Although I haven't done a lot (none) of riding this year due to a broken wrist...
  3. Racing / Track
    Hi everyone! Ha!! I got your attention.. Yesterday was my first day out at Pitt Meadows shooting photos. (thanks for the invite Nancy) Due to the large amount of pics taken yesterday, I'm going to need some time to go through them all and get them ready for all of you to view.. Helping a buddy...
1-3 of 3 Results