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  1. Accessories / Parts
    the title says everything http://vancouver.en.craigslist.ca/rch/mcy/3661853064.html thank you
  2. WTB (Want to buy)
    Hello all, looking for a used rack to bolt on to the back of the SM, nothing huge. eBay has a simple black tube steel rack for about $90 delivered, but if anyone has something in their garage that's gathering dust, I'd be interested. Or, any recommendations on other sources for a simple rack?
  3. Bike Tech & Mods
    Ski Rack Ive been thinking about the mechanics around building a rest for my ski's to sit on the back of the bike. I go skiing often, more recently taking the bus as gas prices soar again and the roads are more packed - both in anticipation for the Olympics. I have wanted to ride to a ski hill...
  4. Non-Sportbike Related Buy & Sell
    I have an older single arm tire mount bicycle rack (will hold 3 bikes). Jeep, Sidekick, 4X4 ...anything with a rear tire mount will work. I don't have a vehicle that will accommodate this rack anymore. Willing to give it up to a good home. :flashy The first $60 bucks (obo) takes it...
1-4 of 5 Results