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  1. Sunday March 29th Ride to the MotoGP Kickoff Party

    I'm going for a ride, you comin'?
    Meet Time: 10:15 AM Depart Time: 10:30 AM *SHARP* ETA: 10:45 AM Location: Shell Gas Station (5 Eighth Ave, New Westminster, BC V3L 1X5) Destination: Central City Brewpub + Restaurant (13450 102 Ave, Surrey, British Columbia V3T 5X3) Route: CLICK HERE FOR ROUTE Familiarize yourself with...
  2. Friday July 4th (tomorrow) Cascades Hwy

    I'm going for a ride, you comin'?
    When: Tomorrow (Friday July 4th) Where to: Cascades Highway, (probably turn around at Kangaroo Ridge) with possible diversion to Mt. Baker if the weather looks crappy Why: My last day in BC for the summer... bike's going into storage tomorrow night :( Meeting point: Sumas Chevron/Bob's Burgers...
  3. Is anyone stunting in Vancouver?

    Stunt Life
    Just want to get started in this. Get some wheelies down and maybe learn a few things. Does anyone know of any groups that meet up in Vancouver area? Or any DVDs even to get the basics. Thanks
  4. Sunday June 2nd ride to whistler for lunch

    I'm going for a ride, you comin'?
    Hey guys, So some buddies and I are going up to whistler today to grab a bite to eat, chitchat and take some photos of our bikes. If you wanna come meet at the Starbucks in horseshoe bay @ 12:30 for a 12:45 departure. Hope to see some new faces.
  5. Planning another Squamish ride for this Sunday (April 21) Anyone in?

    I'm going for a ride, you comin'?
    Hey guys, So since we had a really good turn out on our last Sunday ride, I'm planning another Squamish ride this Sunday (April 21st). Meet-up will be at the same place as last time (The Starbucks in Horseshoe Bay). Meet there @ 12:30 and we will probably depart around 12:45 ish. Hope to...
  6. Planning a Squamish run for this Sunday (April 14) anyone In ?

    I'm going for a ride, you comin'?
    Squamish ride Sunday Hey guys, so me and some buddies from Carter Motorsports are planning a ride up too Squamton Aka( Squamish ) This upcoming sunday (April 14 2013) If anyone wants to join please feel free! hopefully we get a nice group together. Meet up will be @ 1 PM at the Star bucks in...
  7. Gals Weekend! Sept. 17-18

    Women's Forum
    In my conversation with Squire about a ride, I learned that 1) the thread was from 2007 lol... and 2) the gal who originally posted it, Julia Sit, passed away in a motorcycle accident. From what Squire said about her, she sounds like someone I would love to hear some stories about. This got me...
  8. july 30 ride to squamish- 2:30 pm

    I'm going for a ride, you comin'?
    hey guys, we finally decided destination: squamish meeting point: the church on taylor way be there at 2pm thanks
  9. july 30 ride

    I'm going for a ride, you comin'?
    the weather is amazing, we should organize an afternoon ride. any suggestions guys? :rockon
  10. Sunday, July 10 - SHOW AND SHINE

    I'm going for a ride, you comin'?
    Sunday, July 10 - SASQUATCH INN SHOW AND SHINE WESTCOAST FREESTYLE @ 6TH ANNUAL SASQUATCH INN MOTORCYCLE SHOW AND SHINE Information: WESTCOAST FREESTYLE is beyond excited to be performing at the 6th annual world famous Sasquatch Inn's Motorcycle Show and Shine July 10th/2011. The Sasquatch...
  11. Friday May 13 *11:30am* Squamish RUN

    I'm going for a ride, you comin'?
    I seen a later run posted for 6pm, but I ain't down for my boys freezing to the seat. Weather is calling for High of 16 and Low of 8 in West Vancouver, High of 15 and Low of 6 in Squamish. Should be a nice ride up! :rockon When: Friday, May 13th Meet At: White Spot, West Vancouver (Marine Dr /...
  12. Friday 15 APRIL 2011 Burnaby->Spanish Banks->Whytecliff Park

    I'm going for a ride, you comin'?
    Sorry for the late ride post: Where: Canadian Tire at Byrne and Marine Way, Burnaby To: Spanish Banks via Marine Way/Drive, then to Whitecliff Park via Marine Drive, then Blenz Coffee in Horseshoe Bay. Break up from there. When: 12:00 noon, depart at 12:30 noon. Google Maps You can text me...
  13. Laguna Seca MotoGP - July 22-24, 2011

    I'm going for a ride, you comin'?
    Laguna Seca MotoGP - July 22-24, 2011 *Group Full* *CLOSED* - We've got our group. More than welcome to Join our ride there or back, but we've already got our tickets and two nights in Gilroy Booked. There is 5 of us going down on Thursday Night at 6pm. We've got our tickets thanks to DorguyR6...
  14. Greetings from Finnish Enduro

    Racing / Track
    Pori Pilot Hill, was celebrated last Saturday, 08.01.2011 enduro driving events that connect TM test day. http://satakuntaenduro.com http://vm.kuvat.fi/kuvat/Luotsinm E4ki%% 20videoita/sec-liikennevalistus.wmv Such a route, we drove...
  15. Need your input!

    Sport Touring
    Everyone has an opinion ;) I'm in the process of putting together three tour routes, and am looking for good places to be/experience - places that we riders love (NOT the shi-shi or franchise-type deals). I'm looking for suggestions (and comments about them are welcome!) and need: -...
  16. Riders in Coquitlam/Port Coquitlam ??

    General Sportbike Chat
    Hi there...I recently purchased a 2009 GSX-R 750 from Orcha Bay Suzuki in Port Coqutlam. They mentioned to me that there is a group that meets at the Esso across the way from them (usually on Wednesday evenings). Can anyone tell me about this group? (ie: age range, riding ability, any girls...
  17. Looking for ppl to ride with in kamloops. .. anytime.

    Interior riders
    hey just got my first bike and looking for people to ride with, as i dont know too many people with bikes. ive got a 05 cbr 600rr. im usaually out everyday after 4 and on weekends. pm me if u want to know more
  18. August 21 - Vancouver to Vernon/Kelowna

    I'm going for a ride, you comin'?
    Going up sometime friday (sometime around noon) August 21. Wouldn't mind the Company, leaving Vancouver and going to Vernon with a possible stop in Kelowna. Then on Sunday i'll be heading down from Vernon and coming back to Vancouver. PM for more details if interested. -Teddy
  19. Aug 8/09 Beach and bikini run

    I'm going for a ride, you comin'?
    I say we meet at the Chevron at 200th at 10am, head to Cultus Lake on the back roads, take a dip, then to Harison, take a dip, then to Hayward lake, take a dip, then to Alouette, take a dip, and maybe Pit Lake or Whitepine to finish or do the whole thing in reverse. either way it should be great...
  20. sat july 18 ride anywhere..looking for buddy

    I'm going for a ride, you comin'?
    Hey in buraby want to ride looking for buddy I have a 600 f4i anyone interested maybe a pemby run? Short city run? Matt 613 323 1965 ottawa number I'm new here Brentwood mall