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  1. Bike Movies
    I have been riding motorcycles in India for the past 2 months. Judy and i have been visiting Mirzapur, Judy's child hood home until she got polio at 4 and came to Vancouver. I wanted to share with her the thrill and adventure of riding in these crowded and apparently chaotic roads, so I added...
  2. New Riders Q & A
    Well maybe not as far as "Seattle", but down that way. This whole motorcycle gig started with a test drive on a scooter in April. The dealer said there was a route that can be taken by scooter (no highways) to get down into the states. He added it was very scenic. Does anyone know of this...
  3. Bikes
    2010 Yamaha BWS 125 Scooter, bought new by the previous owner in 2009. No accidents, not 'rebuilt', Canadian model. Good condition Brand new rear tire Recent new variator belt Has the following upgrades you won't get on a new scooter from Yamaha: Rear luggage rack: $131 + tax Front...
  4. Non-Sportbike Related Buy & Sell
    Selling my 2008 Derbi Atlantis Bullet for $1995. It has approx 6340 KM on it. I have used it as my transportation to and from work for the past few months. I am parting with my scooter to change over to a sportbike. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at [email protected]
1-4 of 4 Results