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  1. General Sportbike Chat
    SENSE BC was successful in convincing MOTH to replace "Slower traffic keep right" signs with "Keep Right Except to Pass" but we were unable to convince Kash Heed to back it with legislation (opposition from Supt. Steve Martin). However see what they do in Quebec. The good news is though that the...
  2. General Sportbike Chat
    Gotta hand it to us Canadians in that we'll take theft of our vehicles with a smile on our faces...just don't let our hockey team lose a playoff. Today on the S2S, the story hungry bored media doing their part to promote the usual long weekend dog and pony show (without context until I showed...
  3. General Sportbike Chat
    The first of two, possibly three parts will air tonight on CTV News at 6pm called "Left Lane Bandits". It's all about dangerous drivers who stubbornly drive in the left lane and force other drivers to change lanes and pass on the right. Update: Here is Part One (click image). Reporter St...
1-3 of 3 Results