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  1. Rider's Gear
    Hi I read the thread about finding helmets and leathers, but I need the best selection for shoes (not boots) and bike covers (Honda midsize sportbikes). It my bfs birthday and I dont ride so I know ziltch about where to go or if the advice would be the same. He needs new shoes and a cover...
  2. Accessories / Parts
    2 pairs of motorcycle boots, both size 40: M2R Boots: about 5 years old, showing wear & tear. Zipper tabs broke off some time ago, and I replaced them with zap straps - while not exactly sexy, they work way better than the originals and you don't see them as they are hidden by leather flaps...
  3. Accessories / Parts
    Dainese Street Runner Gore-Tex Shoes, BRAND NEW. Size 42 (US 8-9) I wore these once around the house: never been outside and never been on a bike. The only reason that I am selling these is because they are too small for me. They are absolutely beautiful and the very best motorcycle runners that...
1-3 of 3 Results