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  1. Snowbike info needed

    DirtBike / Dualsport Chat
    So I'm seriously thinking about getting into this. Anyone know who would be the best person/place to contact about it? Where you can go and where you can maybe test drive one? Thanks for any info. Happy new year everyone!
  2. Ski Rack (Built on Ninja 250, but applicable to any bike)

    Bike Tech & Mods
    Ski Rack Ive been thinking about the mechanics around building a rest for my ski's to sit on the back of the bike. I go skiing often, more recently taking the bus as gas prices soar again and the roads are more packed - both in anticipation for the Olympics. I have wanted to ride to a ski hill...
  3. Not really a ride persay... More of an idea. (Any weekend?)

    The Off-Season Sports
    Just wondering, if anyone up for going tubing and sledding up on Whistler or some other mountain in the greater Vancouver area sometime this winter season? I guess we could ride our bikes up if we wanted a challenge. Would make for some pretty interesting pictures :roflmao -Tibs