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speed limit

  1. Three motorcyclists see their rides impounded after they were busted going 130km/h in

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    And one couldn't stop in time to obey the laser operator and ended up dropping his bike http://globalnews.ca/news/904013/three-motorcyclists-see-their-rides-impounded-after-they-were-busted-going-130kmh-in-60kmh-zone/
  2. 18,000 Excessive Speed Impoundments so far and no slowdown in sight...

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    *18k vehicles seized so far for excessive speed * seizure rate rising, not falling * on one weekend, Hope Towing racked up 55 tows * 104 impounds since June in Manning Park / Skagit Bluffs The subject of the story, Andrew Scott is "flabbergasted" as he's one of those (like almost everybody)...