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  1. Stunt Life
    Just want to get started in this. Get some wheelies down and maybe learn a few things. Does anyone know of any groups that meet up in Vancouver area? Or any DVDs even to get the basics. Thanks
  2. Ask an officer
    Hi everyone, I've recently found a stuntbike for a good price. The problem is, i'm thinking of making it street legal, but, it has no papers. Would it be possible to switch some parts (engine or frame) to make it street legal? Is there some sort of inspection that can be made that asserts it as...
  3. WTB (Want to buy)
    looking for a stunt bike, 600cc newer the better, cheaper the better, not worried about write off or salvage or anything like that its just for stunting, not the street. let me know what you've got, im in north vancouver but im often in the okanagan area as well. you can email me at...
1-3 of 6 Results