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  1. Accessories / Parts
    Offering parts for sale from a 2001 SV650S with 50k kilometers. Bike was running well at the time of disassembly, all parts were functioning, straight, and operable at that time. $120 - OEM forks, lower triple, and axle $60 - front wheel, no dings great shape, silver $50 - 2 used front brake...
  2. WTB (Want to buy)
    Hi, Im looking for the back plate of the SV650 or SV1000 'N' version. As I'm converting my 'S' to Naked. Could also consider the 'N' Headlight. Thanks
  3. Accessories / Parts
    I have a set of barely used springs and emulators, they came with the sv650 race bike and I realized after i bought a new set and opened up the springs that he allready had a set.. my loss your gain! They are in very good condition! $150 takes them away! you can email me at: [email protected]
  4. New Riders Q & A
    Hi guys, Just want to say hello to the BCSB community and introduce myself. I had no riding experience at all (with a motor), so I did the sensible thing, and went through proper training with a riding school. Passed my Class 6 almost 4 weeks ago now, and have been riding almost daily since...
  5. Bikes
    2008 sv650s abs *SOLD* As seen here: http://vancouver.en.craigslist.ca/van/mcy/3867598712.html 2008 SV650S ABS. Runs great and is an absolute blast to ride. It is a great bike for both new riders but is still thrilling enough for an experienced rider as well. This is one of the rare ABS...
  6. Accessories / Parts
    Looking for 1st Gen SV650 (2001) stock can. Please help!
  7. Accessories / Parts
    This is off 2007 Sv650 K7, with 8000 km on it. The filter is very clean, i changed it because I bought the bike about a month ago and wanted a fresh starting point for maintenance. The part number is 13780 - 16G00 You can send a pm or call/text @ 604 363 1473
  8. General Sportbike Chat
    Hey Ladies! I was hoping to get some opinions from you guys. I'm in the market for a new bike and have settled on the Suzuki sv650. However, I'm undecided on whether to pick up the naked or sport version. I LOVE the look of the naked, but I have reservations regarding comfort (particularly in...
  9. Bikes
    *34,000 KM's Curvy, blue, 1st gen, SV650s is up for sale! I've cared well for this motorcycle since I bought it off the second owner four and a half years ago. It pains me to sell the bike as it has been a joy to ride, but unfortunately lately she has not been getting the attention she...
  10. Bikes
    Looking to trade my 2007 SV650 for a car or truck/suv. Open to all and any reasonable offers. Lets see what ya got. Also have $800 worth of ICON gear size large, cover and $70 chain and brinks padlock. Winter trickle charger. No scratches or dings Only 6000km Aftermarket frame sliders Corbin...
  11. General Sportbike Chat
    I saw the thread about the SV1000 vs. the VTR, but I'm not interested in the VTR (especially after reading the thread... and the age of the thread lol). I grew out of my 2001 SV650 last summer, but wanted to give it an extra season and yep - a few local rides and a 1k+ road trip later in the...
  12. Bike Tech & Mods
    I took my 05 SV out of storage at the end of February and changed the oil filter to a K&N chrome and did a full oil change (with kawasaki full synthetic*). I put in about 2.2L, ran it for a bit, saw that the level was at low and put it about 200 ml more till it was at the full line. Anyway...
  13. Bikes
    *SOLD* 1999 SV650S Race Bike 1999 SV650S Track Only/Race Bike for Sale Canadian VIN Use as a fun, cheap track toy or competitive in F118, Middleweight twins, middleweight superbike (formerly known as F2) WMRC classes Track use only, not street legal Bike is ready to go, needs nothing OHLINS...
  14. Accessories / Parts
    I have a stock rear shock from a sv650 for sale. $20!! It fits other bike such as the ninja 250. Please PM me if interested. Thanks.
  15. Bikes
    2000 Suzuki SV 650 S motorbike – black SV650 $2999 2000 Suzuki SV 650 S motorbike – black SV650 I’ve owned this bike for three seasons and I’m selling as my wife is pregnant and due in September... time to give up motorbikes for now. Great condition, never dropped or layed down while I’ve...
  16. General Sportbike Chat
    Please excuse the naivete of this question, but I recently bought an SV650 in need of a front tire. My riding will be entirely street (no track) and not a heck of a lot of miles. The rear is a Bridgestone BT50R which looks to be at about 70% treadlife. I have no idea when the tire was bought...
1-16 of 20 Results