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  1. WCSBS June 11 Mission - who's going?

    Racing / Track
    Who's in? I'm in. So is my buddy Alex. http://www.westcoastsuperbikeschool.com/index.php First track day!
  2. Looking to start track day group heading to Washington and Oregon!

    Racing / Track
    To anyone looking to get on a track that's not Mission Raceway, please feedback required. I'm hoping to get groups set up for some different track days including, Spokane, Pacific Raceways, Oregon Park, and Portland International. I'm not trying to knock Mission, but having raced there and...
  3. Race Day/ Track Day list

    Racing / Track
    Here's the list I use for a Typical race day. Ask ANY racer and they can easily pick off 5 things they've forgot to bring to the track. Adapt it to your needs. Some will add to it others will take items off. Feel free to add anything I may have foregotten or bring. Track Day List • Bike •...
  4. So you wanna do a track day- Noobie common mistakes

    Racing / Track
    Back by popular demand Going to a Track Day? 12 Common Rookie mistakes and how to avoid them.- Whether you're doing a Mission Wcss track day or one of Nancy's Siren Racing days this will help you out. 1. LACK OF PREPARATION: Be familiar with the rules and procedures of a specific track day...