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  1. Handlebars 7/8" Moose Racing 0601-1738 AL 7/8 CR LO SI - $85

    Accessories / Parts
    7/8" Moose Racing Competition Handlebar 0601-1738 AL 7/8 CR LO SI (Silver) CONDITION: Brand new, un-used, in box REASON FOR SELLING: Not exactly what I thought they would look like and I was too late in trying to return them. INCLUDES: Racing Pad (not pictured) MANUFACTURER: Moose Racing...
  2. Petite female riding gesr

    Rider's Gear
    Petite female riding gear Hey guys, I am a new rider (almost a month now) and have invested a lot into gear... With the exception of pants. I'm trying to find some textile riding pants or jeans with Kevlar inserts/knee pads, but my height seems to be limiting me. I am 5' tall, 105lbs female...
  3. MCPARKING ... another piece falls into place....

    General Sportbike Chat
    Announced moments ago by Minister Todd Stone (p 19): http://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/DownloadAsset?assetId=6BDC5827613C454E81820AE9792CCB72&filename=bconthemove.pdf Enable municipalities to allow motorcycle parking near intersections Parking motorcycles in municipalities is challenging. A...
  4. check it out dance edm ..music lover..

    Open forum
    new mix uploaded check it out http://www.vancitygroove.ca/music/ called houzeland & realmlost enjoy:) and play it loud!
  5. Is anyone stunting in Vancouver?

    Stunt Life
    Just want to get started in this. Get some wheelies down and maybe learn a few things. Does anyone know of any groups that meet up in Vancouver area? Or any DVDs even to get the basics. Thanks
  6. My poor experience with Bayside Performance in Vancouver

    Open forum
    I’m the owner of a 2012 Diavel with 8000kms that needed a service including oil change, fluid flush, and a tire change. I took the bike to Bayside Performance on August 23rd and dealt with Kevin Boisvert, the owner, who told me the work would be completed within the business day. When I dropped...
  7. MCPARKING in Vancouver

    General Sportbike Chat
    I hope everybody enjoys a great summer long weekend. Ensuring motorcycles have a place on our roads is an ongoing challenge that requires all the support we can muster. You can help by mentioning our cause to all of your friends (riders and otherwise). Not only is motorcycling a great sport and...
  8. Vehicle Inspection Help- Lower Mainland BC

    Bike Tech & Mods
    Hi All, I've been building a custom hardtailed CB650 for the last few months, and I finally decided to plate it and do a ride into work. Unfortunately half way to work I got pulled over (yay burnaby rcmp). Since he could not find a reason to cite me a ticket he instead gave me a Vehicle...
  9. Sat. June 8: Sunshine Coast & Vancouver Island

    I'm going for a ride, you comin'?
    When and Where: 0650 @ Horseshoe Bay, to catch the 0720 ferry to Gibsons Why: Finally doing the ride I've wanted to do since before I had a license. Not expecting many to join me at such an ungodly hour, but figured I'd post anyway. Where to: Planning on crossing from Powell River to Comox on...
  10. Planning a Squamish run for this Sunday (April 14) anyone In ?

    I'm going for a ride, you comin'?
    Squamish ride Sunday Hey guys, so me and some buddies from Carter Motorsports are planning a ride up too Squamton Aka( Squamish ) This upcoming sunday (April 14 2013) If anyone wants to join please feel free! hopefully we get a nice group together. Meet up will be @ 1 PM at the Star bucks in...
  11. MC PARKING in Vancouver

    General Sportbike Chat
    A quick update for you riders in Vancouver seeing as spring is nearly here. By now you've noticed we've got approx 300 spaces (for multiple MCs) designated for MCs just after intersections throughout the city. However, further space is a challenge. We've been told by a city official that a...
  12. To the 1st - Yamaha YZF R6 - $2500 -

    Hey guys, unfortunately I have to sell my bike. YAMAHA R6 - 2002 It has cafe racer style with a buell light. only 16000kms and a Yoshimura pipe. please contact me if interested, first come first serve. :court
  13. Motorcycle Parking in Vancouver

    General Sportbike Chat
    We have made some great progress in terms of securing parking for riders in Vancouver. So far we have approximately 300 spaces allocated (most fitting 3 to 8 motorcycles) in Vancouver. Pricing needs to be worked on. Many riders are still unaware of the work to secure space for motorcycles in...
  14. moving to vancouver - any suggestions?

    Open forum
    hey hey hey, i'm holly. i'm currently living in sydney australia and at the end of this year (whenever i get the money and citizenship and passports sorted - be it august or hopefully no later than october) i'm moving to vancouver, bc. so, no, i've never been - but i'm eligible for citizenship...
  15. 2012 Vancouver Scooter / Motorcycle Parking Rally

    General Sportbike Chat
    http://www.mcparking.ca/Rally_Details.html HELP VANCOUVER BECOME MOTORIZED-CYCLE FRIENDLY! In 2010, riders told Vancouver City Council that there was not enough motorized cycle parking in Vancouver. Now we have some parking but it needs to be priced fairly, competitively…. and we need MORE...
  16. Designated MC Parking

    General Sportbike Chat
    Lately Ive noticed new (free) designated MC parking spots on the westside of Vancouver. Is there a master list or map of such? It would be cool if someone could make a google map of those suckers. Cheers.
  17. Steel braided brake lines/Adjustable levers availability in Vancouver area

    General Sportbike Chat
    Hey, my pops is heading to Van this week and I'm wondering if there are any shops down there (or surrounding area) that stock steel braided brake lines and/or adjustable levers (particularly for a ninja 250R), or do you guys order them through the mail like us northerners too? figured I'd save...
  18. Mt Baker ride, sunny weekday ride

    Bike Movies
  19. Parking tickets change to adjudicator’s office.

    Open forum
    Starting Monday, people who want to fight their parking ticket in Vancouver will no longer get their day in court. Instead, those wishing to dispute their parking fine, or other bylaw tickets, will have their case heard by an independent adjudicator appointed by the city. The move, which...
  20. Time to get in shape, signing up with a gym for 1st time!

    Open forum
    The place I've been thinking of is Tactix Gym on 1449 Hornby St in Vancouver. I just found a deal there for 92% off a month of CrossFit Ludus beginners classes. I've seen the videos on their site which look intense, but fun. Self defense lessons are included as well in this deal, which they say...