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  1. Bikes
    Looking for a new home for my 2000 Honda VTR v-twin. The bike runs great and is in excellent condition. The v-twin with the mod pipes sound absolutely amazing -if you like that kinda stuff. I'm the 2nd owner, bought it from Pacific Yamaha in Richmond and don't get to ride it too much - that's...
  2. General Sportbike Chat
    I saw the thread about the SV1000 vs. the VTR, but I'm not interested in the VTR (especially after reading the thread... and the age of the thread lol). I grew out of my 2001 SV650 last summer, but wanted to give it an extra season and yep - a few local rides and a 1k+ road trip later in the...
  3. Accessories / Parts
    This rim was purchased from chop shop cycle then repaired and is now in like new condition. Its a silver rim and as far as i know its for a 1998-2005 Honda VTR 1000 (Firestorm) I purchased this rim orginaly thinking I could put it on my F4 but turns out its not compatible. Im not looking to make...
1-3 of 3 Results