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  1. Bikes
    I'm posting on behalf of a buddy out in Ontario. He's kicking himself for letting his RSV 1000 go last year and is on the hunt for another. No shipping or paypal on this deal, he will fly out and ride it back or bring a truck. Give me a shout if you've got one you're willing to part with.
  2. WTB (Want to buy)
    As stated, looking for a stock header/cat assembly from K9 gsxr 600 or equivalent. Let me know what you have and how much you want for it! Thanks, -Tony
  3. WTB (Want to buy)
    Hi as title says , I'm looking for older bike for next season , I'm interested in gsxr 1000 years 2003- 2005 , Gsxr 750 years 2004- 2006 or r1,zx10 or z1000 post 2003 . I'm not in rush , planing to wait till winter time when prices will drop down . If you have got anything that could interest...
  4. WTB (Want to buy)
    Hi, New rider looking to pickup a decent jacket on the cheap. Buying a helmet and gloves new, but wouldn't mind saving some coin and picking up someones lightly used jacket. I'm about 5'11" and 160lbs, so I'd like a jacket in size small or a slim fitting medium. Would like black or grey in...
  5. WTB (Want to buy)
    Posting up for a friend of mine so we can start riding together. Front headlight assembly (glass) 1989 CBR 600 Oddly enough, he has a replacement bulb.
  6. WTB (Want to buy)
    Just looking for a cheapish tank bag, let me know if you have something that may fit my needs, Thanks
1-6 of 8 Results