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I'm selling my '04 Honda VFR ABS. it's got only 3,000 km's (not a typo) and is in mint shape. If you think the price is a bit steep @ $11,500 OBO read on!

Will consider trade for FZ1, V-Strom, ST1300.

It has the really excellent Honda Anti Lock Brakes, Power Commander III USB / O2 eliminators which help immensely with VTEC transition, ConvertiBARS adjustable handlebar system that's great for switching from leaned over sport to more upright touring, color matched OEM Honda hard bags and 1/2 tank bra.

I could sell the hard bags, Power Commander III, ConvertiBARS etc separately, but I think you'll like these options.

You won't find a VFR ABS better taken care of, or in better shape or with lower km's. I bought it brand new in '04 and have diligently changed all the fluids on schedule.

I also have four brand new iridium spark plugs, Honda shop manual, Honda oil filters, Honda VTEC valve adjustment tool, brand new unused K&N air filter, and new battery. The only reason I'm selling is I'm considering the more upright Suzuki V-Strom.

I paid $17,400 in total for the bike and options. My asking price is $11,500 and I'm open to offers, that's 33% less than what I paid for it all.

$14,900 is what I paid for the VFR ABS
$900 is what I paid for the OEM Hard Luggage
$400 is what I paid for the Power Commander III / O2 eliminators
$850 is what I paid for the ConvertiBARS system (I have two sets of bars - medium and long plus the extra length replacement lines)
$350 is what I paid for the other goodies listed
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