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Looking to make a quick private sale of my 2004 yamaha silver bws scooter. I made alot of upgrades and have landed a job overseas. So, I decided to sacrifice the scooter at 2300$ obo. This offer stands till March 25, 2006 as I will be gone! Here are the details:

Silver 2004 Yamaha Parts Upgrades

Through Vancouver Yamaha:

NCY Cylinder at 70cc
NCY Jog Variator
NGK Spark Plug
Tecnigas Pipe

Through JiangWayne Scooters:

Kitaco Carbon Fiber Reed Valves
Kitaco Cold Air Intake
Kitaco Upjet
Replacement Gaskets
New Front Yamaha Brake Pads
Bell Synthetic Two-Stroke Oil
Carburetor Cleaned

Always filled with highest available octane from SHELL or PETRO Canada

Purchase Price: $2800
Yamaha Upgrade: $797.93
Jiang Wayne Upgrade: $290

Value: $3887.93

Email me @ [email protected]
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