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Sat., 10/7-9, Chuckanut Dr., etc. and Seattle

Pace: SLOW!! 10-20km/h over the speed limit most of the time. Newbie friendly. Not recommended for fast riders, unless you have patience.

Meeting place: I'm leaving from Vancouver near the airport at 6ish on Sat., but TBA

Route and plan: leaving here 6ish on Sat. morning, and be back around Mon. afternoon. Rain or shine.

I don't have any solid plan yet, but I'm thinking about having breakfast in Fairhaven, south of Bellingham. Then do Chuckanut Dr. I'm open to ideas! People join me just for Sat., and going back on their own are also welcome.

I booked a non-smoking room in Seatac for 2 nights at www.bestvalueairportinn.com . One lucky (?) person can share a room with me. It's my first time in Seattle after last visit ....15 years ago. While in Seattle, I feel like doing shopping at bike shops recommended on this website, going some good restaurants, and some regular sightseeing. On the way back, I'd like some shopping at outlet mall near Bellingham?

Ideas are welcome!
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