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1977 Honda 550K four for sale

Rebuilt carbs that have yet to be synced
Newer battery
New spark plugs

I bought the bike with plans of either restoring it or making a crazy go-kart. But lately my car is being a PITA and ill need some money back to finish it off. The bike doesn’t have papers. And I think it needs a clutch adj…I have not tak’n it out for a boot (due to the carbs) so I don’t know how the tranny shifts.

I’ve contacted ICBC and asked about getting papers for it and it doesn’t seem too hard to do

With the carbs and all the other little parts that I’ve replaced to make it run, I’ve put about $400 into the bike

I don’t need the bike or the temptation to fix it up so 350 takes it:cheers

Im located in Surrey

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i pm'd back to those who asked about the bike so check your inbox!

and no the bike doesnt have papers and im not getting them...if you want papers that badly why not ask ICBC for them?
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