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Selling my 1988 CBR600 F1, great bike, sounds and rides great.

Would not sell it normally, because I love the model and year, just beautyful bikes, ride like I dream too, but I am moving back to my home country of Brazil, which means I have to shed some material things :( Speacially the ones I can't take with me (vehicles).

Well, so it's for sale.

Everything is stock, it has 74K on the odometer, however it was rebuilt less then 10K ago, so not really that much put on since it was rebuilt.

It was dropped by the previous owner, and 1 side of the fairing is scratched, but not in anyway that some paint wont fix. the bike has a beatyfull blue paint scheme. Must be seen.

Pretty firm on $2500 but I'm always willing to entertain offers (no low ballers please)

PM me here or email me achmara (at) ncogroup.com (keeping spammers away)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts