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I am helping my friend sell her bike. She loves it, but she has been riding for four years and is ready to move up to a larger bike.

This bike has been very well cared for and ridden nicely. All maintenance has been done by Burnaby Kawasaki (Hi Brian & Manny!) and it is a very solid ride. A custom paint job was done on it (you can see it in the photos) before last season.

If you're looking for a first bike, you can't find a better bike. It's very easy to handle and has enough power to keep experienced riders happy. Reviews of this bike online often praise it for it's combination of comfort and style. Anyway.. you get the point, it's a really great bike. :D

It has 40,000km on it and some paint damage on the right hand side from a low speed lay down. (You can see it in the last picture... barely)

I have to go to the states on the 19th and the insurance runs out on the 24th, so in the interest of getting this taken care of before I go, I'm willing to accept lower offers. Otherwise, I'm going to save it for next season and get her what it's worth instead.

Give me a call at 604 288 7870 or contact me via pm.

Happy Riding!



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