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I have two of them and I've put them up for sale at various times for various prices. I'm only going to sell them together. I'd really like to get out of SRAD's completely in one sale. The bikes don't need a lot of work to get you going. I just don't have the time or desire to do anything with them. They used to be nice bikes and could be again if someone put time into them. Serious inquiries only please. They'll come with about $1000 worth of parts that you could box up and sell on ebay any day of the week. That includes wheels, bodywork, controls, etc.

Bike 1:
Clean title, lots of good parts like daytona damper, fox shock, woodcraft rearsets, full yosh system, case covers, fork work, good tires etc. Was raced and crashed and raced again. Tough, solid bike. Needs the charging system to be fixed. Otherwise the bike is nice and mostly complete other than missing a belly pan and ram air tubes. Rideable as is if you charge it all the time or fix it.

Bike 2:
Basket case 90% complete. No paperwork but has a clean original VIN that has been checked with a few databases so that should be easy to apply for. I never cared to pursue it as it was a race bike. Clip ons and revalved forks and shock are on there as well as a full yosh system. Carburated but had an overfueling issue that I didn't fix. The only parts not included are the race bodywork. its negotiable but I'd really rather keep it just for the nostalgia.

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