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Its served me well but time to move on, I want an SV650. Its given me many years of trouble free service. I have too many spares too list but a short list-
Suspension done by Barry aka GP Suspension out of Seattle, Wa.
Engine done by me-I am a mechanic, in 08 with OE rings, bearings etc, 2 seasons on it, doesn't burn a drop of oil, around 125 whp dynoed and tuned by MAS in Abbotsford. Factory shift star wheel, coated Leo Vinci header aftermarket can and comes with a stock muffler if sound rules exist.
Pazzo levers with a 1098 master cylinder.
Spare wheels and rotors.
Has charging issues so I would simply charge up the battery between rounds-have a new reg, just have to install it.
2 sets of Flexi-Glass bodywork, damaged but functional, one set is red/white, one is yellow.

Bike is not street legal and has no title, was imported from Seattle.

Anything else just ask. I would also offer to help you set it up, help you at the track etc.

$3200 obo

Please email me at "[email protected]"

I don't have any photo's off hand but here's a few from Mission-


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