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I'm selling my 2k (build date 7/99) KX125. Looking for $2500 firm. Needs nothing. "Turn-key".

Has pro-circuit pipe (w/dent which I may fix shortly) & muffler, aftermarket bars, rear tire 70%, no carb leaks, aluminum hand guards, w/alum stand. Aways ran synthetic 2-stroke (Torco GP7) oil & premium gas. Doesn't bog and I'm on the original iridium plug (no fouling). Have a spare plug I've never installed. Includes owner's manual.

It hauls ass on logging roads when you want it to yet it's light and easy to manage in the tight trails and the clutch is easy to modulate. All of the 250 2-stroke's I've ridden weren't happy in the tight slow stuff.

I've ridden with Bill from 5thgear in the dirt many times, he knows the bike although he hasn't worked on it. The only issue I've had was with loose spokes that Burnaby Kawasaki repaired (before I found out about 5thgear).

I bought it last year for $3k. I've had less than a dozen rides on it since. It sits inside the house during winter. I have my eye on a project street bike so this is up for sale. Wife won't let me have dirt & street (for now :mad ) so I'll have to try to get another dirt bike down-the-road.

There's a rear-mounted cam video of the bike here: http://www.bcsportbikes.com/forum/showthread.php?t=51401&highlight=kx125
I bought the bike from GPGreg in 2005.

Just send me a PM and I'll get back to you.
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