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Hello all,

Up for sale is my 2001 Honda Fireblade (CBR 929 RR), She has 50,000 kms and regularly maintained.

I am moving to an apartment and the deal on a second parking space fell through this morning so I am forced to sell the bike and I need to sell by next monday. (Hence the price)

In this last year I have done:

Front fork seals and fluid change (August 2012)
New chain and sprockets (August 2012)
New brake pads and rotors and calipers remanned. (August 2012)
Synthetic Motul motor oil and Dot 5 Synth replaced. (August 2012)
Coolant flushed (Not just a dump and pour). (August 2012)
New Yuasa Battery (August 2012)
New Honda brand stator (the aftermarket ones cost half but last half as well) (August 2012)
K&N Air Filter

Prior to a year:

Complete headers back dual Shark carbon fibre exhaust
HTEV Delete
Custom paint
Designo Double Bubble style tinted windscreen
Injectors sonic cleaned
Power Commander 3 remap
New clutch and brake cables and Stainless Steel lines
Tires are 2 years old, still lots of life left. (Microbeaded)

There is one issue I recently found after having her calipers remanned for a second time and changing out every component besides the brake master was that when I ordered the EBC Wave rotors on her, they sent me two rotors that are ever so slightly different (yet same part number) and when braking hard at a high speed the rotor will grind; the brakes do work great all the same though, but you most likely will want to replace that one rotor in the future.

If you would like to come and see her; give me a call: 604 218 7253

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