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2001 R6 race bike
-10,500 kms
-all synthetic oil changed way more often than it needed to be
-bike runs very well and shifts great
-has papers
-nrc case covers
-goodrich brake lines
-metzler race rubber 1 race
-reverse shift
-ebc brakes
-520 chain and 51 and 54 rear sprocket and -1 front sprocket
-vortex race stay
-frame sliders
-front suspention off 2003 R1
-bmc race filter
-jet kit
-micron full system carbon can
-hindle aluminum slipon
-modded stock exhaust
-stock exhaust for race
-spare set of rims and rain tires
-race body in good shape with 2003 R6 tail (smaller and better looking)
-stock ferings, lights, tail, signals, wireing (scuffed and scrached from small crash)
-no undertail
-dent in tank
5000$ without spares, 5500$ with extra rims tires and misc.
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