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The bike is a 2002 ducati 998 with 18000 miles on it. I have owned the bike for 3 years and have really enjoyed it. Before that it was in a personal collection and was rarely ridden, just maintained.

The bike is technically a rebuild status from the states, but is in absolutly awesome shape. Im not sure what the accident entailed but it was roughly in 2003-2004 I believe. In the US it doesnt take much to write off a motorcycle.

The Bike has
1000cc V twin engine
almost brand new pirelli Rosso corsa Z rated tires
New stator and lightened flywheelt
New 48 tooth Yoyodyne clutch pack with a lightly used yoyodyne slipper clutch
Termigoni carbon exhaust
Piper Cross air filters
tinted double bubble windscreen
Pazzo machined levers
Fully rebuilt showa front suspension
Fully rebuilt rear ohlins suspension
New chain and sprockets 520 conversion -1 front +3 rear
new Ducati Rear cush drive
new sprag clutch spring
valves just checked and adjusted
all fluids changed
passenger tail ( biposto tail) and pegs
tinted rear tailamp
new fuel filter
new stainless fuel pickups
Marchesini 5 spoke wheels
extra ducati 999S heads and cams ( bigger valves, more aggresive cams)
The bike has the very typical slightly worn valve guides for that year and motor. It runs awesome and will continue to do so, but I was planning to rebuild the motor down the road and install the S heads. That would put the power up around 135hp. But it now makes 125 and is extremly fast.
also have the new ecu to match that setup

the bike has been custom tuned ( ECU reprogram ) to match the current configuration.

There is more but i cant remember it all

I have all the records going back 5 years,
loads of spare parts, and a
service manual.

I have put most of the kms on the bike in the last few years, when I purchased it the kms were extremely low.

I also have riding gear if you are interested.

The bike alone is 5500$
With all the parts, $6000

If you have any questions please dont hesitate to call.


Nick 778 319 2654

for pictures please email me or go to my craigslist ad

[email protected]

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