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2002 Honda RS125

2006 cylinder
VHM cylinder head
Cases tuned by wrathall (have receipts)
Ohlins motogp forks, with billet laynlow triple clamp, clipons modified to fit larger diameter ohlins and ohlins setup/parts manual.
Battle Factory quickshifter
over the radiator airbox
RCD GP sprocket carrier
CN Racing reed cage

-lots of new HRC parts (seals, gaskets, bearings, ignition coils, spark plug caps, cush drives, muffler packing, etc, too many to list)
-wheels with discs and rains
-exhaust and 2 silencers
-2002 forks
-2 spare top triple clamps (one modified to fit ohlins forks, one for stock forks)
-extra set of clipons
-clutch basket, clutch inner and tons of clutch packs
-crankshaft (1100km)
-2 spare 2002 wrathall ported cylinders (1 needs replating)
-2 spare 2002 cylinder heads cut to 9.8cc spec
-extra VHM head inserts (9.8cc, 10.0cc, 10.2cc) for leaded fuel
-spare reed cage
-hypercoil rearshock spring
-many new and used spark plugs (10.0, 10.5 and 11.0 heat range)
-full jet kit including the optional main jet holders
-optional powerjet rpm cutoff couplers
-extra bodywork ( (2) 2000 uppers in good shape, 2000 lower in good shape, 1998 tail brand new, 99-03 tail in good shape) 2002 upper/lower on bike is a bit rough.
-spare zero gravity windscreen
-front and rear axles
-lots of crash spares (levers, rearsets, footpegs, bars, shifters, fairing stays, etc)
-lots of gearing 35,36,37,38,39,40,41,42 rears and 13,14,15,16,17 front sprockets
-3 spare chains and spare master clips
-Extra spare optional transmission ratios
-short 1st (C1-P2)
-short 2nd (M2-P2 / C2-P2)
-short 3rd (M3-P2 / C3=P2)
-short 3rd (M3-P4 / C3-P4)
-short 4th (C4-P2)
-short 5th (M5-P4 / C5-P4)
-short 6th (M6-P4) <-have 2 of these
-tall 6th (M6-P3 / C6-P3)
-front and rear stands
+more stuff, too much to list.

Reason for selling, going 250gp racing. Bike will be available after October 8th.

$10,500 canadian with ohlins
$8,500 canadian without ohlins
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