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Bought some new parts for my 2003 Liquid silver R6, selling the ones I don't need. These were taken off a bike with 2500KM's, and parts are like new, with exception of said damage.

-right mirror, very minor scratches on plastic.
-bar ends, minor scratches on right one, not down to metal though
-right side mid fairing, flat black, minor rashing, but no real damage to plastic, needs sanding, paint, and new decal
-right side lower fairing, same condition as above
-stock rear fender with signals, no damage, but missing plate bracket, and the small metal mount bracket
-stock exhaust, bad rash on can, but pipe in great shape
-right rearset, no peg, but otherwise great shape
-front nose fairing, minor rash on right, by headlight, easily sanded out and painted, no cracks or damage
-rear tailsection, a few minor scratches, two blemishes underneath
-undertray with minor scratches and chips
-left upper fairing insert (the one under the left clipon) in mint shape


I'm in lake louise, alberta, but shipping should be pretty cheap. Local pickup for anyone in the interior or rose country is fine. I'll post pics tomorrow of all the parts, and any damage.
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