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2005 GSX1300r - Hayabusa - $6500 - 19500K


I have a GSX-1300R for sale or trade with a naked or standard bike. Moving to Ontario (a.k.a NoFunTario) and insurance there for Super Sports is just stupid expensive. Most sport bikes either have a 400% premium or are not insured as they are considered high risk. This is my only reason for placing this ad.
. Its got 19,000 kms on it (May have more by the time you come to check it out as its being used).

I use the bike for squabucks runs and a bit of 2up touring here and there. I did a 1200 kms round trip with my girl last weekend the bike behaved absolutely beautifully. A misconception about this bike is that its made for the drag strip or breaking land speed records, umm not really!! Suzuki originally designed this bike for covering long distances in a sportier fashion. Its mannerism when touring is just awesome and the big engine is exactly what you need for 2up touring. I have a pair of nelson riggs soft bags which I can throw in in case you're interested. The bike is in mint condition with no visible scratches. Never dropped and always cared for by professionals.

The Hayabusa has some what of a cult following and this might sound a bit clichéd but.. If you're reading this ad then you already know what this bike is all about. There are a lot of cheesy upgrades out there for the bike but this one is completely stock except of the puig double bubble. I have the original windscreen just in case you want it.

Just installed new rubber Pirelli Angel GTs, which after much research came out as the clear winner for sporty performance and longevity. Please message me in case you're interested. Just got it serviced, did the 20k service as per the manual.

Price - $6500

Some interesting specs:
Engine size 1299 c
Power : (Claimed) 178hp
Torque : (Claimed) 132Kw @ 9800rpm
(Claimed) 138Nm @ 10200rpm

10312401_10154095712675187_6901515154191096459_n.jpg IMG_20140506_184200.jpg BW Busa.jpg DSC03542.jpg
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