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Hello and thanks for looking,

I'm looking to sell my 2005 Honda CBR 600 RR as soon as possible, preferably now as the season is over and I will be moving shortly.

$4500 OBO - I think this price is fair!

29,500 KM

Laser cut-in frame sliders
Yoshimura slip on exhaust (under seat)
Flush mount front signals
LED rear brake/tail/signal unit (all in a single housing - looks awesome)

Tires are 2-3 seasons old, should be good for another. Chain is a year old, tightened this season.

This season I had the front brakes replaced and the front fork seals replaced. I believe they were leaking as is common for the mileage. It's good to go now though! The rear brakes are fine, and the bike does not require any other work.

My friend owned the bike before me. He dropped it at low speed in the rain. As a result the slider on the right side of the bike is grinded down slightly (luckily this took the brunt of the impact). There is also a scrape in the paint near the rear seat and under the windshield. This is all on the right side from that one drop. It's also missing a few body screws on the right side. My friend lost these when he was doing some body work. The body stays on fine and everything, all damage to the bike is minor and cosmetic.
I still have the manual. It'll of course be included.

I'll throw in my old gear for free with the bike. Serious and local inquiries only please, I've already had a few scammers message me and I'm not stupid so f-off if you're trying to take advantage!

Thats all the info I have on the bike. The exhaust is deep and sounds fantastic. See the photos!(its the red bike) Feel free to PM me.


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