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Well, after another weekend spent having major eye problems, which included a very frank discussion with the doctor sealing the fate of my eye(Yon surgeon's blade beckons), I had a long talk with my wife. I won't be riding for several years, if ever again. They need to do some major hacking and there is no certainty that I'll ever get full use of my eye back. Riding isn't for blind people, even if you're a real woosie-type rider like me.

I bought the bike brand new from Holeshot with the firm intent of making it my steed for several years to come. I love the feel of the bike and it's a real pleasure to ride. It has a warranty that I believe is transferrable for another couple of years, plus it also comes with a set of Oxford soft saddlebags(See photo with my son on it.). I suppose if you really wanted the slightly scuffed Teknic Jacket and slightly scuffed textile pants too, that can be negotiated(I ain't riding for the foreseeable future, so might as well ditch those too). The tailbag pictured with my daughter could be thrown in for free, but it's perhaps the most ghetto piece of riding kit I've ever thrown on it.

Asking price, $9,500. It's never been wheelied and only dropped once, which was fully repaired by ICBC at Holeshot. It's had regular oil changes at Imperial, so you're getting the very best serviced by the very best.
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