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Okay.. so this is a bit bizaare.. but I'm just going to test the water here..

I JUST purchased this bike like 1.5 months ago and ive not even gone through a tank of gas.

I am currently renovating and perhaps I should have thought through the finances further before getting a new bike.. but whatever. I change my mind more often than I care to admit.. haha

I just want my money back out if it, I think I got a good deal, and the next buyer will as well. If it doesn't sell, well shit.. I guess I have to keep the number 1 SportBike in the world.. SHUCKS! haha

here are the details:

K5 gixxer. Clean as hell. Just over 10k on it. No decs. Never Down. VERY clean

Michelin Pilot Power race medium compound. 190 rear. Spools.
Maintained correctly and often.
Suspension set for a rider between 210-230.
Has a puig double bubble windscreen.

Also have a custom bracket for the exhaust that allows removal of rear pegs.

Just installed Clear Alternatives smoked front and rear signal lenses, with super bright LED light banks.

This bike will NOT dissapoint.

Want 10,200 to recoup my costs.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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