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$4999 - lowered price!
in Kamloops
2005 Suzuki SV1000S - VTwin sportbike with touring capabilities
Rides like a Ducati for less than half the price! This beauty has tons of usable torque and lots of power on top too. Rear-wheel horsepower is on par with current 600 RR bikes but the SV's power is everywhere, thanks to the Ducati-style L-Twin engine. Fully adjustable suspension, front and back. Michelin Pilot Power on the rear, and a Pilot Power 2CT on the front (new). Dual exhaust--one pipe on each side! This bike looks, sounds, and rides like a dream.

Metallic Red with black frame and rims (much better looking than the old SVs with silver frame and wheels)
25,000 kms
Original owner - I bought this bike brand new!
Very well maintained
Never crashed, dropped, or abused
- frame sliders
- replaced sprockets
- extra windscreen (new)
- extra sissy bar

Come have a look anytime, but no test pilots please. :)

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