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I have a few mint 2005 SV650 parts that have been taking up room in my garage. Best offer takes them.

Lowering links
blue tail
Rear sets
Handle bars
Custom blue rear seat

Will post pics later.

Call Clarke at 604-710-9561 or email at [email protected] if intereseted.

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Pics And Prices

All parts came off a 2005 SV650 that had only 5,000km on it. They have been sitting in my garage since. All prices are negotiable. They are just what I think they are worth. I haven't spent any time researching it. If you tell me my prices are unreasonable, I am more than willing to change them.

Front Sproket - $25
Rear Sproket - $40
Chain - $40
Two Sets of Front Brake Pads - $50
Handle Bar - SOLD
Horn - $5
Head Light with plastic and turnsignals - SOLD

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More Pics and Prices

Rear Sets - SOLD
Left Passenger Set - $20
Shock - $100
Fork Springs - $20
Sissy Bar - $40
Blue passenger seat - $40
Rear Turn signals - $40

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More Pics and Prices

Blue Tail with Break Lights - $120
Top Triple Clamp - SOLD
Lower Links - $60

That is it. I think. Prices are negotiable but give me a reason I should lower my price.

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