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I have a nice Ninja 250R, had it for 3 months but now i need money for rent and food come new years so i have to part with it.

I have it up for sale on craigslist for $4995 OBO, for you guys a special offer of $4500. And if you know someone who wants it and get me $4500 for it there is $100 in it for you as a finders fee ;)

Here are the details.

2006 Kawasaki Ninja 250R (EX250F6F)
Clean title, no accidents, never dropped or layed over
U.S. Model
Importation proces is complete!
Registered, inspected and insured in BC
less then 650miles on the ODO (about 1000kms)
Break-in period followed religiously
500mile major service and inspection already completed so you wont have to worry

-248cc, super cheap to insure
- I've been getting OVER 80mpg driving it gently around vancouver
- very nimble and more powerful then all other bikes in its class
- I got the US model because i dig its retro styling with the high reliability of a new bike
-9 months left on its factory warranty
-A beautiful bike in a candy red that has to be seen!
- Great starter bike, passed my road test on it no problem

Hate to sell it, but need food and rent money. (damn the student life haha).

You can call me at 604-608-1841, ask for Tim. leave a message or email me any questions you might have.
$4500 OBO

Here are some pics.

Cheers folks, and remember, get me $4500 for it and theres $100 in it for you!!!

Tim Quinn

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Hey just doing a little bump.
Sorry for late replys on PM's im outisde of BC at the moment and will be returning at the end of the month.
Thanks for the interest so far guys.

Tim Quinn
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