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Buy the gixxer that way you won't have to upgrade in 20000km after you figured out that 100 RWHP is weak / 600 RR , gixxer 750 118- 120 RWHP and a better handling machine to boot .
Wow, there's a lot of bad info...

BTW, if you end up with an '06 750 that makes 118rwhp, bring it back to the dealer, it's only running on three cylinders! At SBW this year my 954 made 0.7hp more than the only '06 750 than ran at the time - 127.7 VS 128.4 for mine. I believe the Gixxer was still pretty new, less than 5000km's.

As for handling, unless your name is Spies or Haga, you won't find a difference. They weigh almost the same, both are very, very composed and 100hp is PLENTY for street riding.

I'd go for the 750 if it was me, I'd prefer to be able to keep the bike in the midrange and get decent power rather than having it on the far side of 12,000 all the time.

GSXR_45, what do you consider a good deal on those bikes right now, what's being offered?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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