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There was a crew of about 10 NW guys who made an appearance in the AMA Amatuer and Pro Supermoto races that happened at the Queen Mary this last weekend.

Here are the pics:


Some notable results:
Doni Wanat finished 10th in the Pro Unlimited Class
Jacob Lehmann finished 2nd in Open Am, 8th in SM1 (open expert)
JD Beach finished 3rd (I believe) in SM2 (250 expert class)
Ryan McBeath finished 4th in Novice.

There were a couple of obstacles that were downright terrifying:
1. The bridge. You can't tell how the bikes are sliding down the ramp nor how steep it is from the pics
2. The tunnel. super tight, especially how it turns on the exit.

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Awesome pics!!!! Thumbs up to all the PNW riders who ventured down to the event of the season.:rockon

The big ramp jump...what was the surface constructed of...looks like rubber matting?
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