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2007 entertainment books available now

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If you would like the 2007 entertainment book, they are available again this year from me for $40

I currently have about 10 entertainment books left.

If interested call Geoff @ 604-220-3559
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I have only 8 books left now for $40
I will be out of town for this week so I won't be checking messages.
I have only 6 books left
I'm back in town and I have only 4 books left
Last chance to get the 2007 book for $40

Geoff @ 604-220-3559
still have some books left, would like to sell all the books to close the fundraising campaign
help me finish my campaign and sell my last 4 books
still have 4 books left for $40
I've still got 3 books left
Still have 3 books left So close to finishing the fundraising.

bump... makes a nice Christmas present
call me



so close to closing the campaign. I am down to my last book.
I've got one more book left and will be sending it back to end my campaign if no one wants it.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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