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2009 Husqvarna 510SMR

A classic supermoto for sale. Street friendly and also ready for the track. I ride it to work everyday, very reliable and great city bike.

- 11,000kms
- 2nd owner
- Well maintained, 1000kms oil changes, Amsoil 20W50
- Just performed the following: new plug, new air filter, new front / rear brakes, new brake fluid
- Have all the documented service records
- Valves were checked and adjusted at 7000kms.
- Front and Rear suspension was rebuilt under warranty

List of Mods
- G2 Quick turn throttle
- ASV Levers (clutch and brake)
- New chain and sprockets (about 2000kms on em, currently run a 15 tooth front but have a 14 tooth as well)
- Avon Distanzias
- Brand new rear Bridgestone BT-016
- Samco Silicone Rad hoses (red)
- Warp 9 footpegs (red)
- Shorai battery
- IMS 11L gas tank, stock gas tank and a spare stock tank as well
- Acerbis front fender
- Spare set of rear plastics
- DRC Edge 2 tail light
- 7602 Oil Drain kit (anodized red)
- TM Design Works chain guide
- P3 Carbon exhaust heat shield
- Midwest Mountain shorty clutch lever (not bolted on)
- Zeta hangduards and plastic protectors with integrated turn signals
- Crash sliders on front and back axles as well as foot pegs and bar ends (means its ready to go for Greg Moore Raceway)

And lots of spare parts including 5 oil filters, 4 1L bottles of amsoil, spare bag of fasteners, nuts, bolts etc and all the stock parts. Will also include a KTM stand as well (http://goo.gl/K4MyMZ)

Asking $5700.

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