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I've had two great riding seasons with Paprika, my 2010 Suzuki Gladius. She was the first bike that I bought right after I got my motorcycle license and she's in really great shape. I'm selling her because I'm going traveling next year for an indefinite amount of time and will likely get a smaller bike whenever I come back.

I'm selling her for $5700 and only accepting a one time payment. Here are her details:

•3378 km

•Lowered the seat so my feet could be more firmly planted to the ground. I'm 5'5
•Did a maintenance check at 1000 km including replacing the engine oil adn filter, visual brake inspection, chain check, exterior lights, fluids, tire pressure, nuts and adjusted the idle (will provide copy of maintenance work)

My insurance expired for this season so a buyer can either pick it up with their insurance or I can ride if over for them with a $25 charge so I can buy day insurance.

Let me know if you have any questions. I wanted to send this to people I know first before I post on Craigslist. Pass this on to anyone who may be interested. You can call me if you have questions at 604-868-8872 or email me by replying this post.




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